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According to the same article they want them for the soon to be expanded Westmoreland St property.
How can they be moved, surely they’re protected in situ and that’s the end of it?

I went in there the other day as a farewell gesture, and sat infront of the windows, They really are very fine, and the frames themselves are lovely, with the brass mechanisms etc.
The woman at my table (lady of leisure, BT bag, you know the type) was saying that she came in there regularly (don’t you know) and that it was very busy in the last few days.

One thing that was noticable was mess of the self-service layout, esp the soup counter that holds up the entire queue for all people trying to get either food or just coffee in the place. And €2.40 for a tiny glass of fruit juice?! Welcome to the real world I suppose – but it was more than made up for by the most delicious toffee cake ever; if they stay open for that it’d be worth it 🙂

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