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Bond is gone and their 100s of types of mineral water with them.

I can’t agree with you on letting this one go jimg.
Beresfort Place forms part of a great cluster of great architecture built over many stages of Dublins development – Liberty Hall, Irish Life Centre (rather than ILAC), Loop Line, Busaras, Phase 1 IFSC (Burke Kennedy-Doyle bit) and of course the customs house. Throw in the Amnesty sculpture and the luas and you really do have a greeat area from an architecture point of view. [There’s acually a sizable area of Dublin here without bad buildings!]

The only downside is of course the traffic but that can be managed. the luas has already impoved to feel of the area and as soon as we get real about limiting car use we’ll have our city back. No point giving up on buildings just ‘cos there’s cars going by – the cars will not always be with us!

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