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The stock brick πŸ™‚ – sandy coloured brick that’s loosely called ‘stock’, presumably after ‘London stock’ from which that whole city and indeed much of Georgian Britain is built. Here it is in the middle:

In spite of being completely dominant in London, it was rarely used in Dublin in the 18th century (though used a lot in side elevations and basic construction), with red being the favoured material right up until 1820, at which point things swung completely in the opposite direction with barely a single red brick being used in the city until 1850, with stock becoming completely dominant for these 30 years. This explains why most of the south inner suburbs dating from the 1830s are of brown stock – Lower Rathmines Rd, along the canal, Mountpleasant Square, Richmond area etc etc.

This is why streets like Gardiner St and Baggot St stand out as early examples of stock brick houses from about 1790-1820 or so, and even more so as they feature full-scale townhouses rather than the more modest houses of Belvedere Place etc. To see your buildings above cleaned from the dark brown to sandy stock is nothing short of a revelation in the inner city – can’t think of anywhere else that this has been done to a terrace. Is this the start of a new trend? All they need now is some grey sashes to blend the old craze with the new one πŸ˜‰
Pity they forgot the chimneys…

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