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That’s extraordinary ConK – surely the first city stock brick townhouses ever to be cleaned?!
Obviously many south Dublin ‘residences’ have been treated, but no inner city townhouses come to mind – incredible to see these as Gardiner first observed over 200 years ago!

What of the conservation implications though – the dark chocolate brown facades are after all part of Dublin now, and pretty rare at that, with most stock buildings in the inner city dating from a brief window around 1790.
And of course these two houses now stand out like sore thumbs in an otherwise sober environment.
Also, cleaning all of Gardiner Street would almost transform the place from grimy Dublin to the butter stone look of Georgian Bath! Is that something we want? It is after all what these buildings are…
Just a shame to see the dark elegant brown disappear, having developed over so many years.

It certainly goes to show how well brick ages in contrast to cut stone – really a great material.

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