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The PVCs are there quite a few years – but yes, their exposure with the removal of ivy is most unfortunate, whatever about their presence in the first instance. They’re a nasty chunky type too which doesn’t help, not that any manifestation PVC is appropriate here – but considering that PVC still prevails in attic storeys on Merrion Square, its presence in the comparitive backwater of Beresford Place is hardly surprising.

The corner Georgian is looking fantastic after its restoration, it really is the best looking Georgian in the city now – I have a pic of it somewhere to dig out.
And what was particulary impressive about the Luas works here were the curved replica railings that had to be installed in place of the original right-angled ones outside the house – they are perfect in every detail, as is the granite plinth.
And the sashes look so fine now that even the idiot who threw in the PVCs next door muct be kicking themselves.

This terrace must be fully restored, just a pity the Victorians gave the left-hand corner their trademark treatment.

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