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Have to say I like Beresford Place for its unusual layout and mixture of architecture. Also largely a fan of the Irish Life Centre, the central block horribly looming over the Custom House aside (and yellowing roof)

It would be great to see Gandon’s terrace fully restored as an entity – on first impressions it would seem the Victorian facade is just that, a facade – you’d wonder why they bothered to change it, and even then a slap of render usually did the job rather than brickwork.
Agreed about the window details, if the other houses are to be restored the co-ordination must be better – or rather sticking to the original design in the first place.
No 1 or 2 looks great now at night with the red walls inside glowing and the Christmas tree with lights positioned just inside the window – all it needs now is some snow to pile up in the corners of the glazing bars 🙂

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