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I am about to undertake an MSc in Urban Design at Queens University so I have taken an active interest in the continuing regeneration and development of Belfast and I have to say there is alot going. It could be argued that what is going on up here is putting Dublin to shame considering the relative size and importance of the two cities. Adding to the schemes already mentioned on this post:

– ‘Titanic Quarter’ (large scale master plan)

– Large sclae re-development in the ‘Cathedral Quarter ‘ ( much development has taken place on the ground already with some impressive schemes in the pipe-line)

– ‘Obel building’ ( construction due to start later this year, this fairly elegant glass structure will become the tallest building on the Island)

– planned improvements in urban form throughout the entire city centre including the pedestrianisation of the arterial routes that surround city hall.

– extension of the ‘Opera House’

– ‘invest NI’s’ new head quarter’s (almost finished)

– huge investment and re-organisation of public transport infrastructure including the recent launch of the ‘metro’ bus service, overhaul of the rail service including the replacement of all rolling stock and a planned guided-bus rapid transit system. (this has already resulted in increased ridership of around 20% this year alone)

– over haul of innner city transit routes including the upgrading of the West-link.

These are just a few of the schemes launched recently with total investment not far of the 3 billion mark (Sterling). Not bad for a regional back-water.

Needless to say I am a local boy and bucking the trend someone who has increasing pride in the city. I enjoy showing friends from Europe and England around because Belfast is perceived as being a bit of a basket case yet when visitors arrive they are always impressed by what they see. Admitidly alot of crap is going up but the ratio between good and bad I feel is slowly improving.

It would be great to get a debate going regarding planned improvements and perceptions of the city, if anyone else has any other development news I would be interested in hearing about that as well.

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