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Belcamp was badly damaged by fire before, in 1921. That’s how it ended up with the flat roof and odd chimney stacks.

I think if we could fix this [admittedly with a dodgy flat roof] in 1921, we ought to be able to fix it again in 2011.

On the revisiting of the ‘battle of Hume Street’ – and who wouldn’t want to revisit the ’70s – I would like to just point out that there wasn’t a whimper out of anyone when the copper was stripped from the early 18th century cruciform roof of no. 30 Thomas Street [a Liam Carroll/NAMA property], or from no. 23 James Street, a fine, modest, mid 18th century, transitional house that is currently disintegrating in front of our eyes, both of which were inhabited and in good repair two years ago.

Is this a proper conservation movement you’re proposing, or just another rollicking Georgian romp?

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