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@pippin101 wrote:

Whatever.. they weren’t off the top of your head… they were in a report which I or the council don’t agree with. And the council has the final decision here.

Did I really lose this argument? Since the road is being built and is now nearly finished, it would seem not.

Monkstown, and the entire southside in general, is low-density suburbia. If you don’t like its car orientation, complain about the density… but don’t complain when function follows form i.e. low density development spurs road building. The area needs roads as it is designed for cars.

What’s the lesson? In future, don’t design for the car. As for Monkstown, it’s too late.

eh the Council Executive wrote the report and the Council members voted for the road to proceed. What part of that is “the council don’t agree with”??. My point stands re your ignorant bullheaded plunge into this debate armed with just about everything bar the facts.

You lost this argument whether the road is built or not. The M3 is built, was that right? Tyrellstown was built, East Meath was built, the building at City hall was built, the ghost estates of Leinster were all built – I disagree with every single one of those developments but they all happened – was I wrong? Are my arguments against them null and void?

As for your latest spurious justification, it makes some sense, not a lot but sure i’ll try and counter it anyway. Have you heard of infill? have you heard of intensification? Have you been to Sandyford? Have you seen the plans for DLR Golf Club (on this route) have you seen the amount and scale of the apartment building in this area? Have you been along the N11 in recent years? or the DART line? The solution to low density sprawl is to build higher densities to alter the urban form not roads to save 30 seconds on a journey no one makes.

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