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i agree with ctesiphon. i think when the history books are written people will look back in horror at what designing for the car has done to our quality of life.And i am speaking as someone who loves driving (and cars). But we should never have sacrificed so much for this mode of mobility. Surely we could have and can in future have the best of both worlds.

Most of our modern suburbs are severely compromised. So far i have concluded that this is due to brown envelope decisions (political corruption), ignorant/juvanile planning officials and the concequences of the strong influence of road engineers /designers alongside single function development plan zoning objectives.

Road designers had/have an obsession with high boundary walls and setbacks ( to allow cars to race and not worry about human connectivity). Resulting in isolated communities, killed connections and sub – urban blight. Look at Lucan south ( a maze of roundabouts and walls and cul de sac communites or the road from Claire Hall to Baldoyle with its beautiful high wall either side.Road engineers have to stop designing roads only from the perspective of facilitating fast moving traffic. (the speed of the traffic is the key to destruction by the way).

And dont get me wrong – motorways, district and primary distributors have their place but….

On a positve note : Take a look at the plans south dublin county council have prepared for the new clonburiss area in clondalkin. At last we have public servants who are prepared to tackle the blight of road design led urban design. Public servants have really messed up this city in the past but here we seem to have people who actually know how to reverse this trend. Dare i say this plan may even go some way towards helping us forgive SDCC for the SUB-urban horror which is south Lucan.

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