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None of that is relevant. The question before the councillors in 1998 was should this road be put back on the Development Plan. No real need was proven in the Needs Study but they put it back on anyway. The question put before the Oral Hearing in 2006 was the same. The Inspector trashed the scheme in its entirety in a manner more fortright than any planning report I have ever seen, and i’ve seen thousands. The question was put again before the councillors and they narrowly approved it.

Anyone who deems this progress is not living in the real world. Anyone who regards building sub/urban roads as a solution to congestion is deluded. Had the road been built in the 70’s it would be a choke point now, like every other road in suburban Dublin, and you’d probably support punching through another cul-de-sac. What is so difficult to grasp about this simple principle? Demand increases to fill supply. Always has. Always will. A busway and ped/cycle route would have achieved more than this road in terms of accessibility, mobility, reducing congestion and environmental benefits.

As I said earlier, many many many roads were planned in the 70s. That’s one of the great arguments against this scheme. By that logic we should complete the inner tangent, the eastern bypass, concrete over the Royal Canal, have a multi level interchange at Macken/Pearse St etc. The same mentality that promoted this scheme promoted this – should all of these areas be subject to demolition just because a bunch of middle aged men smoking pipes over a drawing board said so in 1972

I wanted this thread to catalogue what happens when these schemes progress. The debate has been had on the planning matters forum, on and through the planning process. I accept that my battle was lost but in no way accept that I was wrong. It’s only that there still seems to be people, seemingly intelligent people with an interest in our environment, who can’t see this for the engineering folly and dangerous precedent that it represents, that I am willing to engage again. We need to make it clear and persist in our beliefs that this cannot happen again. We are repeating every damn mistake we made in the past. When will we actually learn? Never?

It is costing DLRCoCo around €20m to do this – a council that like any other is constantly scrapping for funding. Now can you really tell me this type of investment is a priority in the current climate. It was a waste of taxpayers money in 2005. It’s nothing short of folly now. I acknowledge this scheme was reborn in a time of plenty but there are schemes like this all over the country, thankfully many have been shelved for now, unfortunately none for the right reasons. When are people gonna wake up to those right reasons?

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