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30 seconds is the time given by the promoters of the scheme in the EIS. I didn’t make it up. Nor was the 30000 vehicles figure – it was 28,000 in the EIS from 2005 and given rises in volumes in suburban areas in the interim (pre-recession at least), it was far from the top of the head as you disparagingly and lazily state. The asphalt will replace the area where I played as a kid. In most urban areas the street is the playground – there are still kids playing there today depsite the construction. If the walls prevent walking, knock down the walls, if you want better movement for bus and cycles, build a green route for buses and cycles (as was proposed by others). Plugging gaps in urban networks with more roadspace is a tired, failed and mostly now abandoned approach to urban transportation.

I appreciate this reply but i would appreciate it more if you read some of the EIS at least and also the Bord’s Inspector’s Report which accompanied the decision. Bear in mind it’s 2009 and we could apply your exact philosophy to the DUblin City Inner Tangent, a contemporary of this senseless scheme. Had we done that in the 70’s “we would never have noticed anything amiss” either but we’d have a rotten hovel for a city centre.

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