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Check out the following link. The main house is the third entry on page 2. The others are the demesne buildings and associated structures.

Michael- would the interesting gateway you mention be the one at the head of Portlaw village? If so, I concur. What a little gem! One of the gates led to the factory, the other to the main house. The gates were also opened by an ingenious cog mechanism, the remains of which are still in situ.
Portlaw was a model industrial village (think Saltaire, Bourneville etc, but much earlier). Though not documented anywhere, my own belief is that it’s layout derives from St Petersburg- the radial ‘avenues’ focusing on a central feature. I know this was a standard Baroque feature (Sixtus V in Rome et al) but crucially the Malcolmson family of Portlaw had trading links with St Petersburg. The similarity is too close to be a coincidence.
Though a little dejected when I last visited (1999?), Portlaw is still one of my favourite villages in Ireland. A real one-off. And I believe it has turned a corner recently by becoming a commuter settlement for nearby Waterford city. (I know commuter towns aren’t ideal, but in this case I make an exception.)

It may come as no surprise, then, to discover that Waterford County is my favourite in the country. (Laois and Clare come next- and me a Dub! Hope the IRDA don’t get wind of this- bleedin’ city interloper me! 😉 )

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