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Irish Georgian – a term perhaps not used often enough, was quite different from the architecture of Europe or England of the day. It was a simpler form – presumably derived from a lack of funds, a lack of the direct influence with other countries which others were exposed to, and perhaps from a genuine desire to stay ‘pure’ and simple; more true to the forms of Greece and Rome.
Hence the Baroque you see emerging in the mid/late 17th centrury in the (now) UK, such as the likes of Vanbrugh’s fantastical Castle Howard never quite made its way over here.

Perhaps others can elaborate on this, but I would assume that the most influencing factor in all of this is that when baroque was at its height in the 17th century, Ireland was in turmoil. Considering little of note or of fashion was built here before the second quarter of the 18th century, baroque was well and truly out of fashion by the time stability and prosperity came along.

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