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The new railings at the Beamish and Crawford site on South Main Street have been mentioned here before. They are pretty appalling by any standards and detract hugely from what is a beautiful building. A poured concrete wall has been topped with bog standard galvanised steel railings, and then large square bars have been inserted in the gaps in between. Not alone those it look bad, it indicates some level of incompetence that the architect/engineer could not build a wall and find some railings to match.
They were being painted earlier today, so maybe there’s more to come. I’ve attached some images of the monstrosity below.
Its a tiny point, but take a look at the fleur de lis on the large supporting bars- if these had been omitted the look of the whole thing might have been improved- at least everything would have been at a uniform height.

Obviously due to my vigorous campaigning on the matter 🙂 , Beamish and Crawford have sprung into action. The railings are now being painted, the unsightly metal bars are being removed and the poured concrete is being clad to give it ‘ye olde stone wall’ look.
I’ll put up an updated picture when I can get it, but I’m not sure such a finish is appropriate here. Wouldn’t good quality brickwork or render have been more in keeping with this almost industrial location?

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