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Gabriel Byrne is entitled to his opinion but it is a backward stagnant view, particularly from someone you would expect to be ‘cultured’. it would be interesting to hear what he would like to have gone up there. I think he is inferring that some sort of mock-georigian thing would have been more suitable.

there was no mention of that po-mo monstrosity the other side of the Hugenot site that hosues the sony centre and throws a blank facade up against it waiting for someone to build over the cemetary. the grafton building is one of the finest additions to the cityscape in recent memory and ensures that the hugenot site cannot be built on by virtue of its fenestration to the side. a suitably protective gesture from a government institution. the gates are a blip on an otherwise immaculatly handled exterior, but i think they are bedding in a bit.

I would put this building and elmpark up as positive markers of what we have done in the tiger years and they both have lifted the bar for building culture in Ireland.

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