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I’m assuming this is not the railway shed mentioned earlier in this ancient thread (seeing as it’s far from demolished… and about seven years later) but I was wondering what this shed is/was. Does anyone know?

It is in fact on the left (heading south of Pearse) just as you pass Grand Canal Basin… also quite visible from the Grand Canal DART platform, where this picture was snapped. The sign down on the locked gate on Barrow Street says IRISH RAIL PLANT DEPOT. If anyone knows what this building is, what the nature of the damage is (fire? neglect?) or how long it’s been standing there in all its gutted glory, I’d be interested.

Also, Archiseek Picture/Information Fairy, I wouldn’t mind a picture of the original stone shed with the ‘Barrow Street Engineering Works’ on the side, insight on how/if a wall of it was incorporated into the Grand Canal DART, more cool stuff about demolition and rebuilding on Barrow Street and oh yes, a pony. Thank you.

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