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@manifesta wrote:

Is it a bicycle? ]
Aye- the trusty old tubular nag. She was put out to grass about 6 months ago when I got a showjumper, but she’s still a dependable old girl in her own way. šŸ™‚

@manifesta wrote:

If pictures aren’t available of the original shed, I wonder if there be any land surveys or maps that might show precisely where it might have lived before it was demolished. And if there’s any evidence at all in the new Grand Canal DART station of this original wall they claimed to preserve, it’s certainly scant evidence. Invisible, one might say. Unless I’m not looking closely enough… I’d love to be proven wrong on this one.

As it was only demolished in 1999, according to RoryW above, there’s every chance it features on 1:1000 city maps from the late or mid-20th century. These show individual plot outlines and building footprints, but they don’t show detail of internal layouts. I’m not sure if these maps are available to buy, though libraries might have them.

I’ve never heard of the wall being retained- was this meant to be part of the station design? Is it supposed to be a feature in some way? I must confess I don’t know the station well at all- must have a look when I’m next passing.

One other thing: is the relatively new website fot the Ordnance Survey’s digitised historic maps, available for purchase rather than for free dwnload afaik. Might be of some use.

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