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@GrahamH wrote:

The above structure seems to be a typical 1950s concrete shed of column and sleeper construction, where horizontal bands were slotted down between the verticals like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Another example is on the Drumcondra Road near the Griffith Avenue Garda station

Spot on, Graham. As well as being typical of the mid-20th century, they were particularly associated with railways- I’ve seen examples in a few towns around the country, often converted to domestic garages when the associated railway lines were lifted as so often happened. Original functions included storage, offices and even occasionally waiting rooms on platforms- this construction type didn’t have a single purpose across the board.
From your pics, manifesta, it would appear that the damage was a combination of fire, neglect and probably some low level vandalism.

Regarding the other query, I don’t have pictures of the old shed, nor do I remember it, I’m afraid.

But I do have a spare pony.

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