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@hutton wrote:

By the way DCC have themselves gone to great effort to erect brown directional signs for tourists promoting the Foster Place Disgrace – as can be seen at Beckett Bridge, Suffolk Street and elsewhere.

These signs are everywhere. I must have counted about 30 so far…just for the “National” Wax Museum +. There are four on College Green alone. One of the more interesting ones is on the new Beckett Bridge. It was literally erected within days of the bridge opening. I must say finding the NWM+ is my main priority when crossing the Beckett Bridge.

How does the process for these work. Anyone? I presume a licence and fee is required. Do DCC make and install the signage or as seems more likely does a free for all ensue.

The whole thing makes a mockery of the soon to be installed “wayfinding” signage on College Green and elsewhere. There is a vague promise to remove brown finger signage as wayfinding comes on-stream. Lets not hold our breath. I am waiting for the pic of a new wayfinder sign with a brown finger sign attached. 😡

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