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@tommyt wrote:

While you’re at it could you get a few more erm ‘hardcore’ elements to join this proposed possee armed with chainsaws and angle grinders as well to take out the trees and pole clutter around town

You mean; invite the chair of the poles+trees sub-committee onto the direct-action task force?

Tommy, Tommy, you’re jumping the gun there, that can only be done if you put down a special motion at the annual congress, or if you give due notice of the intention to convene an egm, assuming that there is a quorum of affilliated members to approve such action and, as you know, either way the motion can be defeated by a simple majority if the membership decide that such action is beyond the remit approved by the special orders that sanctioned the direct action in the first place, and provided that the covenants that restrict the usage of the van can be set aside under the provisions of the collateral terms inserted into the draft new modus operandi which, as you know is still a policy document, having failed to pass congress last year with the required two-thirds majority.

Obviously, either way, the whole thing is still subject to approval by the legal sub-committee and any ammendments proposed by them will have to be submitted for a full vote of the governing body, because, as you know, it’ll be our wrists that’ll be slapped if something goes horribly wrong.

That’s the way to get things done around here.

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