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Dublin Tourism get €900,000 per annum from DCC, some of which they are now spending on other illegal advertising at their own listed premises – see shopfront race to bottom thread, snap by smithfield resi.

Hence DCC is collecting rates from compliant owners to effectively subsidise cheapening illegal developments dumbing-down and degrading the city centre.

The Dublin Tourism website itself is also a good laugh; first option available in the left hand side is for visitors to go “Beyond Dublin”. Clearly DT have a real commitment to this city if the first thing they can do is direct business away from the capital :rolleyes:
… not that tourists will really want to stick about if the treatment of our most important buildings is of the standard seen now in Foster Place or DT’s own HQ at Andrew Street.

By the way DCC have themselves gone to great effort to erect brown directional signs for tourists promoting the Foster Place Disgrace – as can be seen at Beckett Bridge, Suffolk Street and elsewhere.

Great to see what the taxes grabbed from other private businesses are being spent on.

When the last intelligent person leaves Dublin, can they please turn out the lights 😡

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