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Yes lauder, fully agreed on that point. The first time I saw the barrier across the corridor, I thought an event was on, the second time okay, an unfortunate coincidence – the third and it became apparent the entire entrance from Westmoreland Street is now permanently sealed off. What on earth is going on? This was once the grandest and most exhilarating processional route in the city, now shamefully closed off to public view. It’s not even as if they’re cutting down on door staff – indeed there seems to be more security personnel than ever now huddled in the lobby outside the Lords chamber. Also agreed on the increasing numbers of exhibitionists taking possession of the Lords entrance. It’s bad enough as it is as a blank frontage without having the entrance sealed off to boot.

On a wider level, Bank of Ireland needs to draw up a management plan for the building. Not only is the majority of the interior in serious need of redecoration, a rationalisation of corporate furniture, signage and mechanical services is also sorely in order. It’s surprising no work was carried out during the boom years. I’d imagine public perception is that Bank of Ireland threw lavish sums at the building during that time, when the opposite is in fact the case – it could even be described as grotty in large part. Indeed, not a cent of major capital funds has been spent on it since the second exterior cleaning of the early 1990s.

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