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Continued use as a bank is a safe option, but conversion into a proper city museum certainly has merit.

There has long been vague talk of building a ‘museum of the city’, with sites such as that useless patch of grass on Winetavern Street [which currently affords a panoramic view of the Civic Office bunkers] being a particularly good option, if only the country wasn’t broke.

In the circumstances, the old Parliament House wouldn’t be a bad option. As well as it’s own inherent architectural and historical attributes, the building has numerous little wasted areas and courtyards that aerial views suggest are either totally unused or are in use just as surface car parks, these could make stunning exhibition spaces [if glazed over] which in conjunction with the existing historic interiors might make a world class museum.

As PVC said, getting the car parking out of the forecourt would be a positive, either way, as would having the whole building open 7 days.

I certainly can’t see the building ever returning to parliament house use.

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