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@Paul Clerkin wrote:

We bailed out BoI, let’s have their HQ

“It’s the only place you can get people into the one area and have a focal point on ceremonial occasions. When Ireland came back from the World Cup in 1990 people gathered there…….

College Green could continue to host ceremonial occasions regardless of who occupies the Bank. However, as the location for the World Cup homecoming after Italia 90, the place was totally inadequate. I was there that night and it was pure luck that nobody was crushed to death by the crowds. The Phoenix park would have been a far more suitable location and sure enough, thats where the Irish team were welcomed home four years later when they returned from USA 94. Ironically College Green would have been the ideal location this time around given the small crowd that turned up at the park.

It was the wrong place for the Clinton visit too, as only those in the crowd with a direct view of the stage could catch a glimpse of the man. If Obama is ever granted the freedom to graze his sheep in Stephens Green I would guess that he won’t be presented with the keys to the city on the steps of The Bank of Ireland.

For what its worth, I’m also in favour of Cllr Ring’s call to have the building handed over to the state as long as it remains open to the public. I disagree with Senator Norris’ proposal to house the Seanad there. Although I think the good senator was just throwing the idea out there to gauge peoples opinion and always knew privately that such a move was a non runner.

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