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@onq wrote:

Perhaps we could organize a free enclosure in Dublin Zoo under the Endangered Species Directive.

I’ll say this – if architects are putting themselves out there in front of the public, they’d better treat this like a marketing campaign and run it competently and professionally.

A badly run stall populated by person of mixed ability, and in particular, younger, less competent or experienced architects will give a poor impression of our profession.

I spoke with an RIBA Part III architect who attended the Ideal Homes exhibition this year and ran a stall – a competent guy, well up to running a multi-disciplinary office, he had a rough four hours of it from De Peepil.

He said he hadn’t felt this under pressure since he sat his Part III interview, with questions coming from all angles and on all subjects to current and past standards.

Many of the questions may related to the nitty gritty of planning law, the competence of architects -vs- other building professionals (if I employ an engineer do I need an architect) and you really need to be on-message and alert to give a good impression.

And don’t get caught by some ass who only wants to trap you in a discussion about why percentages fees are only a means for architects to push up costs and exploit clients.

Treat it like a Part III exam and prepare, to current standards, or you’re going to look very lame indeed.

I’d strongly suggest you bring a laptop with online access, some reference texts and Google Sketchup.


I’d rather be on the dole than have to deal with someone who wants something for nothing in some crappy department store. really – have we no self respect?

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