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I am an architecture student in Bolton St DIT and we are currently doing a project which involves designing an artist’s studio. Has anyone seen any good designs or know of any architects who have designed them recently?? Looking at a few example would be a great help to me.

I am an professional artist myself and I built a studio in my home a few years ago and frankly it was mostly a disaster.

From the mistakes, I would say without a doubt the most important aspects of designing a studio are:

Plenty of South Facing Light
Views of Nature (even just trees, birds, clouds and sky)
Tons of ventilation in summer
Plenty of heat in winter ( I can’t stress this enough)
washing up facilites in the studio, but in a separate area away like an alcove
Deal with potential condensation problems which might arise
Good sound insulation
Low mainantaince and clean up
Storage spaces
Incandescent controllable lighting

Good luck and have a look at the Francis Bacon display at the Huge Lane Gallery and see just how little a top artist needs.

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