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I see Arnotts have an application in for their shopfront (3269/09)

“PROTECTED STRUCTURE-The development will consist of the restoration of the ground floor shop front facade and entrance portico of the original Arnotts Building to its former style. The restoration work to the protected structure will consist of the following work. The removal of the existing canopy, flag poles, illuminated signage and existing glass shop windows on facade of department store fronting No. 11-15 Henry Street. The existing mezzanine floor plate will be cut back by 2 metres to re-create double height shop windows and to allow the re-establishment of original facade with reinstated pilasters. The installation of new entrance doors in lieu of existing shutters at main entrance flanked on both sides with new glazed entrance doors (1 set per side). The existing 8m high vertical illuminated external sign on Henry Street will be removed and replaced with a new 8m vertical illuminated external sign on brickwork panel at west end of no. 11-15 Henry Street facade; The proposed development to which this application relates is within a conservation area and the building is a Protected Structure.”

Good news. Would be interesting to see some drawings.

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