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As was noted on the other thread, it’s not 100% clear, but it’s nearly definite that this was built:


1. The original interior cast iron columns extend into the 1960s part roughly to the depth of the tower.
2. The 1960s part is wider at the front that the back, to the depth of a tower.
3. Various photographs we’ve seen suggest the tower as being there.
4. A photograph in the IAA to the best of my knowledge clearly shows the western tower fully extant.
5. This map from 1936 depicts the tower

The store was extended in 1904, so it’s possible the western pavilion wasn’t built till then, perhaps when it was realised that the entire proposed scheme couldn’t be built/funded.

If you’re serious about researching C.H., go to the Irish Architectural Archive on Merrion Square for us, head straight for the photographs bookcase, look up Henry Street, and see if there’s a 1930s-50s picture clearly showing the building with western pavilion. I’m nearly sure they have one. 🙂

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