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Thanks a million for explaining all that Devin. All makes sense now. And I did need to see that pic from post 38 to get my bearings. To be honest, I never even new there used to be a street where the Ilac is now. Presumably this would have linked Dominick and Liffey Streets???

Anyway, regarding where I got the image from: I recorded the program from digital TV onto the hard drive of my DVD recorder, then copied it onto DVD, loaded up the dvd onto my PC and using my editing program, took a frame grab and posted it on here. Quality of picture and sound is excellent as the original film footage was restored. There are many fascinating scenes in this program of Moore St, Smithfield and surrounding areas. I actually have a good few other screen grabs saved to my PC as I have created DVD covers and images to print onto the DVDs themselves to make them look better as I intend to keep this program for archive purposes. I could post up more here if anyone is interested although I’m not sure what the story with doing that is, copyright wise.


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