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Yes, that building is also mentioned in the caption of the picture from Lost Dublin (last picture in Post 38, above). It says: ‘To the right … is the dome, surmounted by a flagpole, of the Henry Street Warehouse Company latterly known as Denmark House, Little Denmark Street, an early steel-framed building which was demolished in 1976’. Lost Dublin was published 1981 – Little Denmark Street was of course subsequently wiped out for the ILAC.

Once you know what the mystery building is you can see what the other things are: back of Roches on the left as Graham said; the ugly back of the Jervis Hospital behind the Denmark St. building; Pennys’ excellent Baroque dome to the right; and the blurry spire & tower to the right of that would be the Augustinian church, Thomas St., & the Four Courts.

geraghtyg, is the picture a digital grab or a photo of the tv screen? – it’s quite good if it’s a photo!

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