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FYI – Also from the estate agents website:

“Killenard’s elevated location gives panoramic views over the Kildare Plains to the North and the Wicklow Mountains to the East. It is located in luscious and scenic countryside.The old road running through the village is one of the five ancient roads of Ireland known as the “Sli Dala” (way of the tribes) dating back to Pre-Christian times.

To the North of Killenard, the ruins of Lea Castle at the Barrow River are still visible and it was built in the 3rd Century being one of the more important Castles in Leinster at the time. Also beside the village is Carrig Hill where the first Earl of Portarlington erected a spire in the 1780’s and set the hill aside for the hunting and leisure activities of the local gentry.

In keeping with the area’s ancient history, the developer’s have taken the name of this development i.e. Carriglea from the above mentioned Lea Castle and Carrig Hill combining the two words into “Carriglea”. On the edge of the village is the imposing Mount Henry (Mount St. Anne’s) built by the local Landlord’s the Skeffington-Smiths in 1820.

The entire region is steeped in fascinating history ranging from the ancient and once magnificent Fort at the Rock of Dunamaise (towards Portlaoise) dating from before 1200 listing Strongbow and the Sons of the King of Leinster as its occupants and probably dates back to pre – Celtic days. The nearby Emo Court residence dates back to 1790 and is a splendid architectural masterpiece designed by James Gandon (who designed the Customs House & Four Courts in Dublin). Now Emo Court is owned by the state with wonderful public walks on the adjoining grounds and woods which can be enjoyed by owners in Carriglea. A wonderful facility at your doorstep. “

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