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I dopn’t know Cork intimately enough to discuss the specifics of what would be a better route, I can however say from my experieince of Luas that both the Square and in particular Dundrum Town Centre delivered a huge quantum of off peak passengers. No doubt the challenge is to remove traffic and as such giving people a choice of trams versus cars for the weekly visit to the shopping centre to hang out has proven highly effective both at Dundrum and at Westfield London (albeit Tube versus tram)

I further wouldn’t say that just because Dublin made a mess of delivering Luas that it is highly likely that Cork would learn the lessons and deliver on time and on budget. The real questions are

1. Do you have enough commuters to give morning and evening peak sufficient benefit through not losing too much money and through eliminating enough traffic to make CC traffic move again.

2. Does the route have enough suitable development land to densify the route over a ten year period. If the route is exlcusively 2 storey semis forget it!

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