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@Steady wrote:

Can anyone point out a study, carried out by neutral experts, which states that light rail/trams are a viable sensible system for Cork City. What type of passengers (commuters, students, workers, shoppers etc), origin/destinations, traffic impacts on the city streets, cost, who would run it (the equivelent of Bus Eireann?), pricing of tickets, service times, passenger number projections,etc etc.

I would be very interested in reading a sound solid study on this issue, with real projections.

In the absence of this, I think the attraction of this proposal, and the reason that people are “in favour of it”, is just that it has a feelgood factor, aren’t we all happy now in our trams and rail cars, quite sophisticated really, gosh aren’t we very European….but no back-up information. It’s a bit like being in favour of World Peace (which we all are), but how viable is it?

Verdict: deluded.

A study carried out by neutral experts 😀 WHAT?

Is common sense not enough for you? If you know the Cork area, routes proposed and developments planned, you wouldn’t have posted.

Trams v’s world peace :confused: Sorry, Can’t make the connection

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