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Can anyone point out a study, carried out by neutral experts, which states that light rail/trams are a viable sensible system for Cork City. What type of passengers (commuters, students, workers, shoppers etc), origin/destinations, traffic impacts on the city streets, cost, who would run it (the equivelent of Bus Eireann?), pricing of tickets, service times, passenger number projections,etc etc.

I would be very interested in reading a sound solid study on this issue, with real projections.

Verdict: deluded.

Wouldnt we all love to have that study? and who will pay for it? Whats wrong with wanting a transport system that should already be in existence given that we all pay tax. If the government spent their money on useful things not like say, their expenses, pensions, PPARS, voting machines and made organisations accountable like Bus Eireann, Iarnrod Eireann (or better yet privatise them) then thats an easy fix without spending a load of cash. Bus Eireann is answerable to nobody therefore they can do what they like and the government are too terrified to shake up the unions. All that doesnt mean we arent entitled to a state of the art transport system, Douglas has 2 buses but the routes could be better, need smaller and more frequent buses, carrigaline / crosshaven population exploded and are crying out for proper bus service for what, 10 years now?

Verdict: Not deluded, just entitled

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