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Its pretty remarkable that the little stone warehouse is still standing and that it also managed to escape the encroachment of those horrible 1990s apartments! Although it wont be with us for much longer if someone dosent show some interest in hauling it back from the brink!

As for Boru House, theres no doubt that it should be acquired by the City Council and promptly handed over to Limerick Civic Trust, who have consistently shown themselves to be a safe pair of hands in terms of conservation projects. With a little imagination it could be turned into a museum or literary centre of some description. Although in the current climate its probably unlikely that the council or even the State would commit any funds to a possible purchase.:(

On a more positive note. The former georgian townhouse at 8 Cecil Street that was on the verge of collapsing last summer, has now been repaired. Most of the scaffolding came down last week, with only the hoarding surrounding the ground floor remaining. Its timber sash windows have been repaired/replaced and what looks like a 3 storey extension has been constructed to the rear.

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