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@lukejr wrote:

[bjg: Your point has been noted, if you can add constructive discussion please do. But saying No, isn’t an answer to the problem I think we are discussing here.

I’m afraid you’ve lost me: I don’t know which point you’ve noted.

Just in case it’s about funding, I’m very much opposed to having taxpayers (or lenders) foot the bill for large projects designed to transfer income to specific industries. I realise of course that seizing the power to force such transfers is what Irish politics is (and always has been) about, but perhaps the present economic situation will teach people a lesson.

@lukejr wrote:

Growing the population of Limerick City is key to the sustainability of it as a city, how is this done? The international brand of Limerick City is how it attracts FDI, picking Limerick over Galway or Dublin, or another European city.

Why does it need to be sustainable “as a city”? Why not leave it alone?


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