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@bjg wrote:

That’s a PDF of the press release; the document itself doesn’t seem to be on the HC website yet.bjg

Thanks for the link I’ll have a read.

Having a museum or gallery isn’t just for tourists, but also for the residents of the city. Museums with rotating exhibitions, visiting exhibitions, these all bring locals to visit the city, and re-visit museums. Hence the reason that most museums outside of Ireland offer annual visitor passes and membership.

bjg: Your point has been noted, if you can add constructive discussion please do. But saying No, isn’t an answer to the problem I think we are discussing here.

Funding, looking at how other cities fund large capital projects is important. The EU’s European Regional Development Fund and National Lottery could be tapped, the EU part funded the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester. Corporate donations, and public fund raising is also possible. But rates are an obvious example, I think in the future local rates will fund visitors via airports. The cities paying for airlines per person to bring them passengers, not the other way around, like it is now. Once visitors start arriving in numbers, using a tourist tax similar to Seattle to fund further projects is a possibility.

Growing the population of Limerick City is key to the sustainability of it as a city, how is this done? The international brand of Limerick City is how it attracts FDI, picking Limerick over Galway or Dublin, or another European city.

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