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@jimg wrote:

. . . . it looks to me like William St. is the second cross street rather than the first which (somewhat badly) lines closer to Denmark St.

Am about 3/4 convinced jimg, the extra out-turn on the Arthurs Quay triangle is making it hard to nail down an anchor at the west end, and the junction with the pre-existing street pattern at the east end could equally be interpreted either way. The fact that the second street is shown broader and, in this regard, relates better to the reality as built, probably just about clinches it, right enough. We’ll have to get our hands on some higher resolution images!

What I was going to try to do was put some markers on locations (CologneMike style) where houses with non-standard Georgian features are found, just to see if we could put a reliable boundary on the Dutch Billy thing and see if there was a zone of transitional Georgian houses in Limerick, or just a headlong plunge into Georgianna.

It would have been handy it Limerick could have just embraced the corner fireplace, like everyone else :rolleyes:

The 1769 map again showing the aspiration to construct ‘New Town Perry’ and a map from circa 1820s showing what was carried out (with still some aspirational stuff south of the Crescent and in the area of ‘The New Square’.

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