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@Pot Noodle wrote:

I find nothing of interest in these buildings they look like they were slapped up

Thanks for that valuable and well considered contribution!:rolleyes:

@gunter wrote:

On that subject, I noticed from the Google Earth views that there’s a splendid vantage point in the form of a multi-storey car park directly opposite these houses, maybe Tuborg could be persuaded to go down that way again and take some close-ups of the roof structures and that facade brickwork again, just to be sure there isn’t a joint close to the junction with the render 😉

If I get the chance gunter, I’ll be going in minus the car. The last time I parked there, some idiot in a jeep destroyed the side of it reversing into a space!:mad:

Live Maps gives a decent view of those buildings aswell. It would appear that both no. 33 & 34 were extended in the not too distant past, probably during the 90s.

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