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Just looking at that streetscape again, there is a good degree of similarity between 34/35 and the yellow painted rendered house beyond (no. 33, I guess). The brickwork is continuous across the adjoining facades with no vertical joint until we reach no. 36 on this side. That would suggest that no. 35 (the ‘Taste of Europe’ shop) may have originally been the carriage arch to no. 34, mirroring the arrangement at no. 33 (the yellow building). The continuous brickwork would obviously also imply that both, substantial, (now) three bay, structures were built at the same time.

The level change on the upper floors from no. 33 to no. 34/5 might originally have been reflected at ground level also where the street may originally have sloped more steeply in the direction of the river, before the creation of Rutland Street / Patrick Street necessitated the end of the street to be levelled up. Total speculation I know, but you just sense that these houses would respond to a bit of delving into.

On that subject, I noticed from the Google Earth views that there’s a splendid vantage point in the form of a multi-storey car park directly opposite these houses, maybe Tuborg could be persuaded to go down that way again and take some close-ups of the roof structures and that facade brickwork again, just to be sure there isn’t a joint close to the junction with the render 😉

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