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@gunter wrote:

This house on Denmark Street (possibly no. 36?) could use a bit of tlc.

Possibly the last full set of flush windows in the city?

I suspect that the Polish shop to the right (no. 35?) may always have been a seperate house, but maybe not, either way both were clearly built together and the whole terrace is important.

I’d hate to see new owners slap in pvc windows, or worse a knock-it-down planning application!

Gunter, that example from Denmark Street just further illustrates the plight of Limerick’s historical building stock.:(

I had a bit of a stare at it the other day. To say its in a perilous condition would be a serious understatement, much of the brickwork on the top 2 floors has started to sag and bulge, which cant be good! I realise they may be difficult to identify but surely the City Council can force the owners to carry out some repair works, in the interest of public safety at least!

I guess those “For Sale” signs mean we’ll surely see an attempt at some kind of redevelopment when the market improves again!

It would be a real shame to lose this building, especially considering its one of the last remaining originals on a street thats been almost entirely redeveloped over the last 20 years!

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