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Thank you for your thoughts on this subject, they are very interesting, particularly as they come from within the profession. However, I must point out that in Victorian times and before, engineers were either trained by the military (military engineers then made the transition to civilian engineers…… civil engineers) or they were practical academics in the fields of mathematics and physics such as Wren. I appreciate that there would have been apprentices, but these people where breaking ground and their endeavours would undoubtedly demonstrate their competence or expose their poor training. Such risks are just not acceptable in today’s built environment. The academic assessment is a 5 year course were the applicants are tested thoroughly and great confidence can then be held in their abilities. The institute’s assessment is just a token compared to t, how confident can we really be in their graduates. Look, the people who go for it, rise up through the ranks, the can do..ers, it is very romantic, but have we not learned from the boom. Our cities, towns and landscapes are in their hands, we have to be certain of their abilities

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