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The situation I have in mind is like this

As you see, the load from the floor is transferred via steel ties (through the external wall
insulation) onto the perimeter foundation base.
I never expect the underfloor EPS to support anything other than the weight of the
floor concrete while it sets.

So, to avoid differential settling one would need to climb down into the excavated perimeter
trench and assess the load-bearing capability of the ground below the “cut”, right ?
Take samples of soil at various depths down the trench and along the full perimeter of it.

As for water table, the perc test deep trench was done in a wet March and even then it
was > 7 feet.

The usual surface drainage measures to take topsoil water around the area of the house
rather than allowing it to go under it would naturally be taken, so this will account for any
surges in the normal water table level.

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