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I think you rather missed the whole point, yourself.

My last post related to two things.

1. A desire for more guidance within the Building Regs for non-strip foundation types.
Having would-be homesteaders aware of all their foundation options ought help struc engs to get more business also.
I assume you do not object to this.

2. A doubting that the savings derived from having a struct eng specify adequate but cost-effective non-strip foundations for a house would exceed that eng’s own fees by much more than part of a non-strip foundation contractor’s profit margin.
I say this because, while someone like you could make up a more optimum DESIGN for a given house’s foundation, you would not honestly be able to say that, when your custom design is implemented on the site, that it would turn out to be MUCH CHEAPER than the closest standard ringbeam + raft foundation design by Supergrund, Viking or whoever.
This is simply a consequence of the extra cost of customised elements for the foundation, e.g. for a ringbeam + raft foundation, the EPS channel section for the ringbeam would need to be made to non-stock size and would demand new tooling to be made by the EPS moulder. It would be cheaper to use stock-issue EPS section – even if it is overdesigned – plus more concrete than is strictly required than to make a one-off EPS mould and use the optimum amount of concrete.
I think that ought be clear enough to you now.

Obviously, as the size of a building increases, the economics tend to favour custom designed foundations.
But for a <2,000 sq ft house, I doubt if a struct eng can justify his involvement based on cost savings alone.
(I accept that there are a few other areas where a struc /civ eng can positively contribute to a self-build job.)

If you can illustrate an example of a given house plan where what I suggest is NOT the case, then I am more than interested.
Just don’t expect me to pay you for your sample estimates !
I’d like to keep my few pound for a trip to Spain myself, and not for a deserved holiday either . . . .

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