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I have to concur with Paul.
I recently responded to a poster on who stated that her architect had referred her builder to the building regulations when detailing cavity wall junctions using Quinn-Lite AAC Blocks.

A fine product when used and retailed correctly and protected from site damage, the suggestion that the building regulations Part A was sufficient guideline with which to detail a building built with AAC blocks seemed like poor advice to me.

For the record, I always involve an engineer in domestic work and I don’t mean “Even on Extensions”, I mean “Especially on Extensions”.

Extensions are potential disasters waiting to happen as the loads on settled strip foundations can be multiplied by a factor to a point where pads or piles can be needed by the latest “no masonry return at openings” detail.

Builders seldom employ feedback loops to assess the results of their handiwork, especially where they have overloaded corner points, and laypeople simply have no idea of the resolution of stresses involved at ground level at corner junctions.

How much less clued in are the current crop of “iconic” designers who seem to think nothing of creating massive cantilevered overhangs without adequate foundation level support and distribution of forces, in order that their latest “storey-height fill-width folding door detail” looks good.

Excellence in design is one thing, but you need a deep understanding of materials and structure to

(i) achieve it on the first place and
(ii) ensure it stands the test of time.



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