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You have to have an engineer to sign off on all structural elements anyway

No, you do not need an engineer’s signing off on elements within the building regs.
Only for those elements outside of it.
Otherwise why have such specific regulations.

I do not propose any changes other than the addition of alternative design specs
for a small number of other common foundation types, e.g. raft, raft + ringbeam,
beam-linked piles, etc.
I don’t think that such regulations as may be appropriate to this group of house
foundation systems on Irish ground would be too hard to set up.
Looking at the existing situation, strip foundations are applied to a vast array of
ground types, some of them being more suited to other kinds of foundation.
And of course, the existing foundation regulations were developed at a time when
insulation and other “green” aspects of house design had little or no status.
Rather than going to an engineer to devise a specific foundation type, the builders
who use that foundation – some of them have been patented – have already had the
system in general approved for particular ground conditions and load ranges.

I’m not against bespoke foundations being devised for a significant buildings by
structural engineers. As you say, it may well be cost effective to do this.
But for a < 2,000 sq ft house, really, devising customised foundations would not
be cost effective. It would be be another case of roasting the homesteader. :thumbdown:

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