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I refer you to the DIT Structural Eng (hons) sylllabus.

This is a 3 year specialisation after a first year in common with civil eng students.
As you see it does no more of the additional aspects of civil eng than is strictly
relevant for their impact on the work of the structural engineer.
I do accept that in many other universities, there is a tendency for structural engineering
to be taught as a specialisation within a general civil eng degree.
But, clearly, the fact that all the academic requirements for entry to I.Struct. Eng.
are met by the out and out structural eng courses like DIT’s shows that it is fully
adequate for the training of competent professional struct engs.

No way could the DIT course (which is a very good one, I believe) be compared in
terms of breadth with a mechanical eng course.
I accept what you say about post-qualification specialisation by mech engs.
In fact, the final year streams in most B.E.(Mech.) courses already show a good
measure of specialisation, e.g. into energy management, plant maintenance,
mech. design, stress eng, and so on.
But mech. engs — at least those in Ireland, those in places like Turin have option to
specialise much earlier in their courses — still have a wider academic furrow to plough.



This present thread is largely informative.
There are no serious bones of contention in it, unlike the original ‘Sensitive Matter of BCA’.
Besides, there’s so little action on the forum these days apart from ‘Irish Churches’ and
‘Discovering Dutch Billies Near You’ (some of them very marginal cases, I think) that the
advertisers may be forced to go elsewhere . . .

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