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There is some sort of assessment for non-academically qualified architects under the BCA deal.
I am not one to say whether it is adequate or not — that’s one for the architects on this forum.
But it is there.
The real danger in all this is not those who made themselves architects the hard way from a
starting position as an arch draughtsman and whose subsequent work experience attests to
their capability and responsibility.
It is rather those in the category (f)

a person who—
(i) has at least 7 years’ practical experience of performing duties commensurate with those
of an architect in the State,
(ii) is at least 35 years of age, and
(iii) has passed a prescribed register admission examination;

I’d be afraid that this category might be interpreted to include the cynical draughtsmen in
every Irish town who take in young couples under the pretence of being cheaper than the
local architects.

I suppose than ONQ and others would be alarmed by category (b)

a person who is a fellow or member of the registration body;

It is likely than a share of academically qualified guys who’ve gone to the bad would be
in that bracket.

I’m not saying that professionals without the relevant degree should be allowed without clear
evidence of their capability. I’m just saying that this academic content can be acquired on a
apprenticeship + evening study basis.
Mechanical engineers still do it in UK and other places; and mechanical is far more diverse
than structural.
Lawyers can still do it in several US states including California, New York & Virginia.
Architects can do it in Canada.
There is no good reason that I see why it wouldn’t be possible for a Leav Cert student with the
right grades to make himself very useful (initially as tech clerk & CAD tech) in a structural eng
office and attend classes in the evening.

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