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Thanks Hutton i think, :>

Your first answer brings up another question for me:

If a reputable architect ( Mr Jones say) normally charges approx 5 percent of build or site cost (say 100,000) for submitting plans, dealing with requests for more information etc, what happens if the plans are ultimately rejected, is the full cost of 5 percent of 100,000 still payable seeing that the site worth much less than 100,000 at that stage?

I would have thought that an architect/townplanner who knows his business and can aasses the capacity of a given site etc would be willing to discuss a higher percentage than 5 percent on the basis that he/she knows how to optimise the capacity of site whereas the client (i.e. me) may not. The architect would be banking on their experience and expertise to give them a much bigger fee.

Not that it matters, but i am an engineering consultant myself and this is something that i do in my own field…


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